Whispering Winds

Dedicated to Mind, Body, and Spiritual Wellness

This site offers a holistic approach to mind, body and spiritual wellness, providing sound advice, articles and alternative healing modalities that nurture success. 


Spiritual readings and past life readings aid us toward an understanding of how our life experiences contribute to our self healing and growth. Information made more understandable to the conscious mind enables us to become a participant and reap the benefits.



Animals play an important role in our earthwalk.  We have a great responsibility to them. Animal Communications are invaluable tools that enable us to better care for our companions. 

While nourishing the mind and spirit, we cannot forget the body.  It responds to positive thoughts and a healthy lifestyle.  If we treat it well, we are rewarded with good health.  Our bodies are the outward reflection of our innermost thoughts.  We are what we eat and digest, mentally and physically.  This applies to human and animal.

Take your time and browse the pages of this website. The services offered are unique, such as past life readings and spirit communications


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