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Ghost Evictions, Spiritual Readings, Energy Balancing, Spirit Communications

Spiritual Readings

These are channeled readings that can be done in person, on the phone or through email.  For email readings I will need a list of questions or concerns.


The readings cover a broad range of subjects including karmic lessons, messages from loved ones, relationships, past lives, career, and health issues. 


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 Many times loved ones that have crossed over try to get messages to us.  We have spirit guides and angels that assist us in our earthwalk.  We are not always receptive to these messages.  During a reading these messages are able to come to light revealing encouragement and support for the spiritual work we are doing and offer guidance to a current situation. 

 Here's what others are saying:


I lost two very important people in my life a few years ago. There has always been a lingering feeling that I left things unsaid. I came across Winged Wolf's website and decided to take a chance for a communication. She was able to communicate with both of my grandparents. I did not know what to expect to be honest. I was slightly skeptical since I am a pretty logical person. However, I was taken aback by the readings. Both readings had personal information that Pamela could not have known without knowing me. And both readings were accurate as to what my grandparents would have said. I feel at peace because I know that my grandparents understand how much I loved them and that they are together again.  

I wanted to make sure that I was not just reading into the communications what I wanted to hear. So, I forwarded them to my mother since she knew my grandparents best. My mom is a straight shooter and was surprised I was doing the communications. However, even she believes they are accurate. There were too many exact details of things that they always said and things in my life that no one could have known.

I am so grateful to have been able to speak with them again. I feel that a great weight has been lifted off of me because I was able to get true closure. My grandfathers passing was unexpected and my grandmothers was preempted by a brain tumor. Both of which left me little precious time to say the most important things to them. The things that I always figured they knew. And the things that I only truly realized as I aged. I am so thankful for the opportunity to reach out to them.

My only wish is that I had found Pamela sooner so that I would not have lived with the feeling of loss for so long. All the things that I wanted to say I was able to say through her. For that I am forever grateful.  Sam



 If you have a loved one that has crossed over and would like to know how they are and if they have made a safe journey to the other side please email 

Not all loved ones can be contacted.  I will need further information to see if they are available.  The fee for this service is $75.00.  Before placing your order, email me your loved one's name and date of crossing.  I will notify you as to whether we can proceed with the communication.  Click to order a Spirit Communication

Ghost Evictions

Are you haunted by strange sounds or dark shadows in the hallway?  Do you have a sense that you are not alone in your home?  Perhaps there are unknown guests from the spirit world sharing the same living space.  In most cases, these earthbound spirits are benign in nature.  Some can be mischievous while others restlessly seem to play out their purpose as if they were still alive.  In any case, if you suspect a visitor, it is helpful to know what purpose they have there and assist them in finding a better resting place.  

If you would like to know if your home is shared with unknown visitors  click to order  Ghost Evictions



 All of us have an energy system, both physical and etheric.  The emotional body is one form of the etheric energy system.  Within this body are the chakra centers.  These centers hold the memory of the past lives as well as past and presend emotional energy.  Any aspect of emotional energy tht has not been healed or released affects the health and mental state of the entire being.


The electro-magnetic fields that are around us constantly bombard our energy systems placing them into overload.  We become grumpy, disoriented, stressed and may even have anxiety attacks. 


Energy balancing taps into the emotional energy to balance and slowly initiate release of trapped emotional energy, negative thought forms and ions generated from the EMF's.  This release restores the natural balance to the body and healing takes place.  The body then is capable of releasing toxins and restoring health provided the circumstances that brought the body out of balance are not continued.


Think of it as an electrical current running through your body.  You cannot see these currents but if the current hits a frayed or broken wire, the current becomes weak or dispersed.  It manifests itself physically by symptoms of fatigue, weakness or illness. Energy balancing mends the frays and restores a complete circuit of the life force allowing the body to heal itself.


Depending on the individual and the complexity of the imbalances the restoration takes place layer at a time to allow a slow release, similar to releasing air from a ballon allowing it to slowly exhales as it exits instead of shoot across the room.  This prevents any discomforts from occuring. 

With restoration of the major energy centers, the body becomes light and energized.  There is increased awareness and a sense of well being.  Life becomes balanced and positive changes of spiritual growth occur.


This is a speciality service and may not always be available long distance.  Please email to see if the circumstance allows this.