About Us

A story of strength and survival

The name Wingedwolf was given to me after a series of spiritual initiations.  I carry eagle and wolf medicine. The eagle has the ability to live in the realm of spirit yet remain balanced within the realm of earth. The wolf is the teacher or pathfinder.  My life path has been one of spiritual awakening and my passion is horses. 


I am an Intuitive, as well as a certified equine iridologist, animal communicator, horse trainer, author of Zen and the Horse, founder of Zen Horsemanship, 4th degree black belt and avid photographer.  I have been offering my services for over 30 years.

In July of 1997, I was involved in a near fatal shooting.   A .45 caliber bullet pierced my ribcage. The bullet hit my lungs, liver, diaphragm, and stomach and lodged in my liver.  I was not expected to survive.  My prayers were given Voice.  That was the miracle that saved my life. 

This traumatic experience has been and still is life changing for myself and my family.   The most important thing learnt from this experience is forgiveness.   In forgiveness there is healing and there is truth.  In truth there is peace.

Please note:  I am by no means a master, nor do I have all the answers.  What I share is my journey in hopes that it will offer strength and courage for everyone to continue on their spiritual path.

My Aura colors, predominately Indigo, Blue, Lavender, White, Violet with green healing energy