Past Life Readings

"Spiritual readings bring light to current issues from the perspective of the higher self." 


It is important in the evolution of the individual soul to recognize the most significant past life or lives that affects the way the soul interacts and responds to different stimuli and situations.  For example:  someone who may have drowned in a past life may have a fear of water.


Past lives create imprints into our present.  If there was trauma in the past life that energy pattern is imprinted into the cellular memory of the present and in many instances can set a pattern of behavior that affects relationships and advancement of the soul.


Without awareness of those lifetimes you cannot understand the extent of what is being healed through your present experiences.  It becomes impossible to bring that segment of healing to an end.

The awareness or acknowledgement of the past life acts as a catalyst to trigger movement of the cellular energy therefore initiating healing.  Your intention to heal the emotional pattern is the force that promotes the release of the energy.  Love and forgiveness are the final stages of healing the past and present.

There are several ways your past life is accessed.  In most cases the energy is stored in the form of emotional energy that surrounds that particular event or trauma.  The energy is then translated with the help of spiritual guides to bring this information to your awareness.   

If the emotional energy is blocked for some reason, the information is then accessed through the Akashic records.  The Akashic records are similar to a library where all the thoughts and deeds that occur on Earth are recorded in the magnetic field of the Earth's etheric atmosphere or body.

Karmic debt is most often revealed in a past life reading. This simply means unfinished business.  Emotional issues that were left unresolved and wrong doings were left without restitution.  Many times individuals come together for this reason.  The soul is cleansing and healing itself of these issues.   This must be done in order for the individual soul to evolve. 

Past life crossings may be requested.  This would pertain to the most significant past life where you and someone close to you have crossed paths before.  It will reveal how your present relationship with that individual is being affected by the past life.  It may also explain why you have a "seemingly familiar" relationship with that person yet you may have only recently met.   



"I have been sobbing for a full 3 minutes and I cannot remember the last time I cried. You have given me a gift that may even be greater than you can know. A gift of confirmation and completion. I bow my head with my hands clasped to you,dear WingedWolf. This summer I was in the woods with Conan and the shadow he cast was not at all like a Shepherd. It was like a mythical beast that looked mostly wolf and even his gait was different in that shadow. In that moment I recognized my wolf companion and saw who he was but you have painted the picture. And thank you for speaking of my Best Friend...maybe he will come back to me again." Maggi 

"Where will I ever  find the words to express my thanks to you , dear Pam ... I owe you , my deepest gratitude ... I owe you , my life ... Because of you , a family has been greatly blessed ....God willing , I will now live to see , and cherish , more of the beautiful rainbows , & sunsets ,   perfect  flowers & chubby babies ...All those beautiful  letters you wrote to me were my "saving grace" ...Whenever I felt down I would read one or 2 of them , and be instantly renewed in hope...  You have been given a very special gift , and the lives of those you touch with the good you've been given , will "snowball" out to many , many people ;  And their lives will never again be the same ...It's already happening !   My deepest thanks go out to you , again & again , Pam , for sharing your  life , with mine" Jeannie

 "I have had 3 readings via e-mail with Wingedwolf (was drawn by her name to the website)and each one has been very insightful, healing and joyful for me. I had the past-life reading and the information that came through was just so spot-on for what I am and have been dealing with and not only has this reading been insightful, it is the catalyst for my full and complete healing of this and other lifetimes and I know that this info was the missing piece of the puzzle that I have needed. The second reading was the Animal Communication with my beloved companion - Pooki - and what a joy it was to read, I laughed, cried and just felt truely blessed. Lastly, definitely not least - I had my Totem reading and it was most amazing for me and I can now consciously connect with my beautiful team in Spirit and accept and learn from the teachings they bring me. So Wingedwolf, thank you seems so inadequate for these gifts you have brought to me, I send you much love and many blessings in your life. I urge anyone who feels the call to "Understand and Know Thyself", anyone who is ready to heal from the inside out, anyone who has answered the call of the Angels and Ascended Masters to assist in the healing and bringing in the light, do not hesitate to begin right here and now, begin with Self and give yourself this great gift of a reading for yourself." In Love and Light, Catherine

"Somehow I found Pamela's website, late one night when I was grieving and feeling overwhelmed by family problems. I decided to ask for a past-life reading, focusing on my relationship with a family member -- giving little information, just names and birthdates -- and the reading that I received was amazing! The past life story rang absolutely true, eerily parallel to the current emotions and challenges, and Pamela offered wise advice, including affirmations to help release the past and heal the relationship. Since then, I have felt that a great weight has been lifted from me, and I am viewing my current family situation with much more patience and compassion. Our problems have not yet been "solved," but I'm noticing a definite improvement in day-to-day relations, and I'm better able to "let go," and trust that things ultimately will work out. Shortly after my reading, I recommended Pamela to my cousin, who wanted very much to contact the spirits of her mother and my father, who both had died within the past few months. Pamela managed to make contact with them, and when my cousin shared the reading, I had to laugh out loud. The message that she reported from my father sounded so much like him -- in his younger, healthier days, joking and having fun -- that I felt as if I had my father with me again. This just wasn't something that anyone could have made up; I knew that the contact was real. I've been smiling ever since, knowing that my father is a happy "free spirit" now on the other side. These readings have begun to heal me, in a profound way, and I'm very grateful."  Diane

It is not necessary to recognize all of your past lives.  The lesson learned from each one is carried into the present and stored in the cellular memory.  The memory can be accessed at anytime and used to assist the soul in present circumstances.  The lifetimes that relate to the lessons the individual soul is currently working on is the one that is most relevant.  With the processing of these lifetimes, spiritual growth is nurtured.

Past life energy can affect not only your spiritual health but your mental, emotional and physical body as well.  For example:  if a soul had a past life where they had lost their voice, in this lifetime the energy might manifest as the inability of that individual to express oneself.  If this energy is cleared the individual's communication skills improve along with self-expression.  

True healing begins at this level.  It is not until the cellular memory is shifted can the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body begin its evolution into self healing and understanding.

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Your full birth name will be requested in order to access this information.Within your name is a vibrational energy that is uniquely yours.  This may be used alone or at times you may be requested to provide your birth date as another form of locating you and the most significant past life.