Spiritual Readings

Spirit Communications, Ghost Evictions

Spiritual Readings

Intuitive readings can be received in person, on the phone or through email.  For email readings I will need a list of questions or concerns.

The readings cover a broad range of subjects including karmic lessons, messages from loved ones, relationships, past lives, career, and health issues. They are designed to help bring clarity to current life situations in order to activate healing.


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Spirit Communication

Many times loved ones that have crossed over try to get messages to us.  During a spirit communication these messages are able to come to light revealing encouragement, support and guidance to a current situation.

If you have a loved one that has crossed over and would like to know how they are or if they made a safe journey to the other side, email me first before placing the order as not all loved ones can be contacted.

I will need further information such as their name and date of crossing to see if they are available.  You will be notified as to whether we can proceed with the communication.

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Ghost Evictions

Are you haunted by strange sounds or dark shadows in the hallway?  Do you have a sense that you are not alone in your home?  Perhaps there are unknown guests from the spirit world sharing the same living space.  In most cases, these earthbound spirits are benign in nature.  Some can be mischievous while others restlessly seem to play out their purpose as if they were still alive.  In any case, if you suspect a visitor, it is helpful to know what purpose they have there and assist them in finding a better resting place.  

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