Expressions of ZEUS and FERGUS

These two magnificent animals have graced me with their love and companionship.  


Zeus (grey) -  What a gentle giant.  He stands 19H and is just gorgeous!  He was born June 14, 1996 at Blue Fountain Farms in Sacramento, CA. His breeding is 1/4 thoroughbred and the rest Hanoverian. His sire was Prinz Gaylord from Glenwood Farms and his dam is Hannah, owned by Blue Fountain Farms.  

He came to live with me in Hawaii as a green 2-year old and has been a joy to train.  He is perhaps the best teacher I have had and as long as I do my part he will do his part.  Our relationship is built on mutual trust, understanding and respect.  

Never have I met an animal with such nobility.  He has a heart of gold and all who stand in his presence honor who he is. He is one of a kind, highly intelligent and a very special soul.

Sadly, Zeus left this world on June 13, 2023.  One day before his 27th birthday.  He went peacefully on  his own.  My heart is sadden.  I lost a very special friend. 



Ferguss (Bay) -  What a handsome boy!  He has been with me since September of 2009.  He immediately adopted Zeus as his big brother.  He is16.3H and will stand up to any challenge.   He is bold and loveable.  He was born April 9, 2000 in Wisconsin.  He is an Oldenburg.  His sire is Fascination out Furioso II and his dam is Patrece out of Puritano (Westfalen).

He has tremendous talent and power.   I spent almost 2 years searching the internet to find him.  I found him in Iowa, visited him and knew right away he was the one calling to me.

Our journey together has been educational and he continues to amaze me.  He is extremely sensitive and highly intelligent.   He has a heart of gold.  He is a "lover".  

Ferguss misses his big brother Zeus.  He mourned his passing for several weeks.  It was heartbreaking to see him grieve.  He has recovered and is back to being my lover boy.