Spiritual Readings

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Spiritual readings can be received in person, on the phone or by email.  For email readings I will need a list of questions and areas of concern. The readings cover a broad range of subjects including karmic lessons, messages from loved ones, relationships, past lives, career, and health issues. They are designed to help bring clarity to current life situations in order to activate healing.

Please review the material provided on this website to decide if these readings are what you seek. These readings are intended for spiritual growth and development to those who are truly committed to their own spiritual healing.

Once payment is received you will be notified and arrangements will be made to schedule your appointment.

Please read the disclaimer below before ordering.

NOTE:  I do not predict the future. I cannot tell you what you ate for breakfast or what you did yesterday or the day before.  If this is your expectation please do not order this reading.


DISCLAIMER: The information offered on this site should be considered spiritual in nature.   Natural healing and spiritual healing is not recognized as truth by current medical practitioners and should not replace your doctors' advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical, emotional or mental condition.   The maker of this website is not responsible for the changes in your life due to these readings. There is no guarantee expressed or implied on the advice offered.

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