Natural medicine

Natural medicine vs. conventional medicine? 

What are the differences?

Natural medicine is a system that approaches healing different than conventional medicine.  For one, conventional medicine considers you healthy as long as you are not sick and your tests are in the "normal" range, despite the fact that you are having obvious symptoms of discomfort and pain.  Natural medicine considers you to be healthy when your body, mind, and spirit are harmonious, in balance and free of symptoms. When these are in balance, there is a strong sense of well being.   

Conventional medicine treats everyone who has the same disorder or symptom with the same pharmeceutical medication, while natural medicine offers personalized supplements and other natural treatments based according to nutritional needs of the body.  It treats all the systems of the body, mind and spirit as a whole and never treats just one part as independent from the whole as does conventional medicine.

Natural methods heal the body over a period of time and require patience and particpation. The therapies are mosts effective in conjunction with other natural remedies such as dietary changes, vitamin and mineral supplementation, detoxing treatments, herbal supplements, acupuncture and other forms of holisitic healing.  Conventional medicine does not consider the bodies energy systems to be valid and treatable.  Treatment is restricted to the physical body only.

Conventional medicine has excellent diagnostic and emergency medical procedures which can save lives.  Natural medicine requires time, discipline and 100% participation from the patient on all levels.  The person has to have the will to want to get better and be willing to make the necessary changes to promote wellness in the body, mind and spirit. 

In today's modern society, everyone wants the quick fix, fast food, fast service and pop the pill to make the symptoms disappear.  Conventional medicine accommodates this by providing relief from discomfort and by allowing some comfort in long term illness. Therefore it is a medicine of convenience.  A good choice for those who do not want to particpate in the healing process.  

Unless the patient is willing to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes the healing is stifled and the body continues to decline with age.  Natural medicine nurtures an active healthy lifestyle with a positive approach to the many stresses of modern living.