Tributes to our beloved animal friends

This page is dedicated to those animals that we have spent our lives with and whom in passing, still touch our hearts with fondness and love.

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Kula was a half golden, half yellow lab retriever.  He came to us from the island of Kauai aboard Aloha Airlines.  I remember waiting for his flight but he never made it.  Three hours later, he was coming home.  Scared in his small crate this was the first time I met and saw him.  I took him out and that frightened puppy no longer existed.  Kula grew up to become a rascal, free spirited, loving dog.  I knew from the beginning he was special.

Kula befriended any person or dog that he came across.  He enjoyed swimming at the beach, playing in the rain and puddles, walking in the neighborhood visiting all his friends along the way and playing at the park, smelling everything.  Wherever he went, Kula would always be noticed because of his welcoming smile!

After five years of fun, Kula as diagnosed with hypothyroidism and his health started to take a turn.  Kula battled with cancer, a torn ACL and seizures throughout his remaining years. He was “bummed” that he could no longer run and go for walks but he still persevered to enjoy his life here with us.

Kula was amazingly resilient and he would always make it easier for us to take care of him.  There were times where we had to help him walk because his legs were too weak.  Somehow we always found the strength and Kula would end up holding his own.  I know the angels were with us through those difficult times and we always made it through together.

Kula appreciated everything that life offered him and in turn he gave us his unconditional love each and every day.  Although his quality of life declined, that rascal part in him never left.  Kula would do little things to make us laugh, even though his energy level was decreasing as he aged.

It was only fitting that we named him Kula.  I had no idea at the time but found out later that in the Hawaiian language, kula is defined as “school” or “golden”.  Kula would shine when the sun beamed down on him, highlighting his golden fur.  He was also intelligent which became apparent as soon as we took him home. 

He was so connected to us and always knew what was going on.  Sometimes I thought he was human.  What I will miss most about him is his loving heart.  I miss his hugs and lying by my side, always comforting me.  Kula was a true fighter until his passing on December 30, 2006.  He was 10 years old.  Rest in peace my Big Boy, until we meet again.  You have a heart of gold!  …and will always be in my heart.  Love you always!  Joy



Angel came into my life when he was just a lil' kitten. I've had several cats throughout my life but Angel was truly special. I trained him to walk on a leash from kitten time and he loved to go for short walks, but only at night. I used to call him my vegetarian because he refused to eat meat and would literally gag upon smelling it whenever I'd offer it to him. His favorite treat was Nori, whenever he'd hear me opening the container he'd come running.

Angel loved to be brushed; he was so easygoing, laidback and smart. He would come willingly when he knew it was time to trim his claws and bathing him was always so easy.

Angel was my best friend; whenever I’d talk to him he'd listen intently and meow back and just knew he understood everything I was saying. Angel was truly the greatest cat I ever knew and I loved him more than anything or anyone in this world.

He filled my life with so much happiness and I will cherish the wonderful memories I have of him and keep them in my heart forever. He continues to light up my life by sending me gifts or signs from heaven like the white dove I caught on video and the cutest little white feather I found in my bed that are in the picture.

Angel made me a better person and I learned so much from him. I miss him every day and I hope he chooses to reincarnate back to me so we can share another amazing lifetime together. You will always be my Angel I love you. Chelsey 


In Loving Memory...............

This story is about a cat named Samson.  He was a white feral cat with a black spot on his head and a black tail.  He was very rugged looking, with blotches of fur missing and extremely thin.  He appeared one day on my patio refrigerator.  He came asking for help.  I began to feed and care for him.  After several months he trusted me fully and allowed me to pet him as well as pick him up.  He eventually began to regain his health.   

He asked for permission to bring his family to me.  It was granted and he showed up with his "wife" and two children.  All of which were feral cats.  He would bring them everyday to eat and then they would leave.  Eventually he began to live on top of the refrigerator and we nicknamed him the refrigerator cat.  His wife, Samantha came one day asking to have her babies on my patio.  A place was made for her and she gave birth to two cats.   One of them died and the other is still with me.
Samson was a very expressive and talkative cat.   He was an amazing father and serrogate mother for a cat that was abandoned by his mother at a very young age.  He taught him how to hunt, how to play and even allowed him to nurse.  Of course there was no milk, but it was a comfort for an orphaned kitten.   He was highly intelligent and could figure out how to open things and climb in the windows when they were open as little as a 4 inch gap. 
Sadly, he was a wanderer and would go places where he should not have been.   He came home one day with a very swollen abdomen.  Samson had been poisoned.  He begged for help, but it was already too late.   When Samson passed on, he told me he would return. 
Within 2 weeks of his passing, an orange, feral, male cat appeared on my patio.  I had never seen him before.  He walked onto my patio and sat on top of the refrigerator the same way Samson did.  When it was dinner time he waltzed right into the house and headed directly for the kitchen as if he had been there before.  The way he walked and talked brought chills to me as when I looked at him, I didn't see a feral cat, I saw Samson.  He came home to say goodbye and thank me for providing a home for his family and nurturing him.  He was so full of gratitude since he never had experienced love before.  He was still doing his job as a good dad and making sure everyone was going to be alright.   All of the cats behaved as if he was Samson.  They knew what was going on.  
This orange cat knew my house, he knew me and my family as well as Samson's family.  He allowed me to pet him and he spoke in the same way that Samson did.  He remained in and around our house for 3 weeks and then one day was gone. 
One month later he appeared once again, but this time, he was no longer Samson.  He was a complete stranger.  He would not let us pet him, he acted disoriented and didn't understand what had happened to him.  He would not come in the house at all and would only eat outside when no one was around.  This orange cat has not been seen for about a year now.
Samson had used this cat as the medium to come back to us for that short period of time.  It was quite amazing.  It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. Samson was unique.  His spirit still comes to visit on occasion.  Two of his children live with me now and his wife, Samantha has a wonderful life with her barnyard friends.  Samson will always be remembered.   Wingedwolf



In loving memory of my angel dog. I always called her that because she was so perfect. I envision her with big, beautiful, fluffy, and sparkling feathery angel wings.

We met on her 3rd day on this Earth. A purebred Blue Heeler all white with some black patches and a reverse bentley. We went to a private breeders home to pick a female pup out from a litter. We chose her as she immediately came to us and would sleep on my hubby's tummy at every weekly visit until we could bring her home. She was such a loving, giving and sweet gentle soul throughout her 11 1/2 treasured years with us. She was the dog pack matriarc and as they say in Hawaii a tita (one tough determined "lady" when you pushed her to far and she'd stand her ground reminding the pack whom was in charge.) We named her Lady as she was exactly that. A "lady" that expected and deserved respect in her own gracious way. We usually called her Ladybug because she was as cute as bug. Unexpectedly when I was trimming her nails I noticed a hardness by her back end. The next day I took her to the vet and we were devastated to learn she had anal sac cancer. The vet referred us to a specialist as it was intertwined around her colon and surgery would require a specialist. The vet gave her 6 months to live but I knew in my heart it would be only weeks away. I was heartbroken. My sweet babu would'nt be there in another year when I planned to retire. I had looked so forward to spending her last years together with much quality time. We knew she'd prefer to go with dignity than possibly live longer after a surgery with no guarantee of success or much chance she could retain her bodily functions. We had Pam talk to her about options. As expected she didn't want surgery. She hated going to the vet so we opted for a private vet to come to our house and help her peacefully transition with her pack and us present. Right before the vet arrived a bright yellow butterfly flew all over our driveway area. We had never seen a yellow butterfly in Hawaii. She passed peacefully in my arms surrounded by those that loved her. Since that time we know she sends us yellow butterflies letting us know she still comes around. It fills our hearts with joy. We were truly blessed to have her in our lives and grateful she has chosen to visit almost daily

Debbie O.



In loving memory of our Scooby-Doo

We were looking for a purebred male Blue Heeler. We found Duke at 10 wks old. It took us a few days to name him. He had black circles around both eyes and looked like an adorable bear cub. All the names we came up with just didn't do him justice. Then one day as he patrolled the perimeter of our yard we realized he had that John Wayne swagger and fittingly named him Duke. They told us he was the runt and last of a litter. Scrawny with big paws we knew all he needed was lots of love and good food. He thrived. He loved jumping and doing flips to catch balls until the last few months of his life. Our great protector with a Scooby Doo personality. Our big goof. My big handsome dude. He and Lady were inseparable. Like a mated loving married couple. He took her loss hard but hung in there for another 1 1/2 years when his body just gave into old age. He was 14 yo. Together they taught us so much about unconditional love and that true love is eternal. We had learned through Pam's gift that they had been part of a litter together in a past life and where able to find each other again in this life to once again share their love. The Universe certainly works in beautiful unexpected ways.

Debbie O.



In loving memory to a very special horse  

Direct Jet, DJ, was born March 1982.  A well built quarterhorse who loved to go on trail rides and was a real ham in the showring.  DJ put his heart and soul into everything he did.  His inner strength kept him noble.  

I first met DJ in April 2004. He was standing very peaceful and seemed to know why I was there.   He hobbled out of his stall on 3 legs.  He had been on and off lame in the right shoulder since Aug 2001.  The exam and xrays still left the lameness a mystery.   

When I approached him and stood at the right shoulder which had atrophied, I immediately felt grieving.  I turned to his owner and asked who had passed away.  She said her mother had crossed over last July. I still felt there was more.  Her dog, Mindy had died the same year that DJ developed the shoulder lameness.  She also lost 2 other dogs within 2003 and her horse on the mainland in July 2004.

DJ was grieving for his owner.  In his mind, he did not want his most favorite person to suffer.  Instead, he took on the grieving for her.  For him, it was not a sacrifice but a healing, one of great compassion and love. As I continued to work on him and release some of the heavier emotional energies, what was revealed  was truly amazing.  

I saw a past life he had as a calvery horse.  He was in a battle and shot in that right shoulder.   He died on the battlefield.  It was an agonizing death as he didn't die immediately.  It took 3 days.  He was left on the battlefield to die alone.

The trauma from the past life manifested physically in the present lifetime.  As a result, his shoulder atrophied.  This manifestation was his way of healing the pain, suffering and grief from that lifetime.  He felt he had let his soldier down as his life ended abruptly.  He was not ready to cross over at that time.   The trauma was so embedded in his cellular memory that its only way out was to re-experience the trauma.  

It took several sessions to release the residue left from the traumatic past life.   As the release was experienced, he became bright and peaceful.  He was now a participant in his healing. The next step was to reassure him that his human companion was recovering from her grief and that it was alright for him to let this go. 

During this process, he tried extremely hard to put weight on that leg and walk instead of hobbling.  All of us thought for sure he would just walk off.  Sadly, his physical body was damaged beyond repair and would not allow him to take that step.   After much gallant effort, he realized it was time to be released from the physical body.  He had completed his journey. He refused treatment and made his decision. 

He gave his love to his human companion as she held him.  This filled the entire stall as we stood in tears and a moment of silence.  He thanked her for all that she had given him.  I turned and looked at his eyes, they were watering.  It was a touching moment.   He said to not feel grief for his passing,  for he would be running up on the hill in his favorite pasture.  He fulfilled his purpose and made a tremendous leap forward on the spiritual level of healing.  His aura glowed. 

DJ crossed over July of 2004.  He was 22.  He stood for courage when all others would have given up.  He offered compassion for those who could accept it.  But most of all ,he taught all of us, just how intricate our lives are entwined.   DJ touched the hearts of many and those are blessed to have known him.  



We called him Duvie, left this Earthwalk on May 16, 2005.  He was 31 years old.  Duvie was an amazing horse.  He loved frollicking on the beach and even swimming in the ocean.  Parades were the highlight of his day.  He marched in some famous parades throughout his years.  He loved the attention and glamour. 

Duvie was born with knock knees but it never kept him from having fun.  Every where he went people would flock to see this magical horse.  He had an inner wisdom that was silently felt by those who were around him.  He never complained and would try his best to do what he was told.  Very clever was he!  He could open gates and turn on water faucets when he was thirsty or just wanted to play. 

As Duvie got older, arthritis kept him from being as social although he soon became the barn mascot and roamed about visiting everyone.  He always behaved himself and the other horses knew he was their senior.  They had respect for him. 

He was serrogate mother to his paddock mate, Try Kahala.  Everywhere that Duvie went Try was sure to follow.  His heart was made of gold and despite his own pain or discomforts, continued to offer love and compassion especially to his owner, Carole.  

He would not leave this earthwalk until he knew that Carole and Heidi would be okay.  He endured much more than any horse could have and still would greet you with a nicker.  Some days his old body could not move very well but he kept his positive attitude. 

When he was ready to leave, he hobbled up to me, dropped his head into my chest and said, "Release me".  With tears in my eyes, he placed his head over my shoulder, nuzzled me ever so gently and said "Thank you". 

Duvination will always be remembered for his name is appropriate with a heart that knew nothing else but love.  



Nightwolf has touched my heart in a way that I will cherish.  He was seen roaming my neighborhood for several weeks.  I kept seeing him around and at first thought he was a wild wolf, but then realized he was a domesticated wolf dog.


One day while at my barn, I felt like someone was staring at me. I turned to look and there he was standing, peering out from behind the truck.  He was very cautious and had been watching me for several days.  I caught a glimpse of him and then he ducked back behind the truck.  I continued what I was doing and pretty soon he appeared standing in front of the truck watching me.  I turned and made eye contact with him, recognizing that he was a wolf, standing very still to not alarm him.  Then I saw his love.  He began to wag his tail and slowly approach with head low.  Once he felt safe he asked me if he could make this his home.  It was an instant bond. 


I took Nightwolf on long trail rides in the mountains and he was the best scout ever. He would run far up ahead and wait for me scouting the trail and guiding me.  He never tired and was always the best companion.  He was instinctive and retained his wolf keenness despite his domestication. He taught me how to be more sensitive to my surroundings and pay attention to him when he spoke.


One of my fondest memories is returning home from a trail ride with Nightwolf and the first thing he would do was jump into the horse’s water trough.  He would stand there for about 5 minutes enjoying the cool water. 


The hardest thing for me to do was when I had to move and could not take him with me because of state laws in regards to wolves.  I found an amazing home for him with another pack of wolves and he fit right in.  He had a good life and was loved by many.  

Nightwolf passed on June 18, 2005.  He came to me in my dreams before he passed to say goodbye.  He still continues to meet with me in my dreams.  He touched many hearts while he was here and served his purpose.  Wingedwolf



Meisy, a female Doberman/Rottweiler mix, crossed over on June 24, 2009. 

I moved to Curacao 4.5 years ago, needing to get out from where I was living in Europe. It slowly made my health deteriorate (most probably psychological). 
When I moved to Curacao, I was not looking for pet, as I just lost my dear cat Nana. But I found one puppy suffering from mange, and took him home and cured him. He grew up healthy but he was all alone and I thought he needed companion. 
One day, I went to garden center and they asked me if I wanted a puppy. I went to check how they looked like and I instantly fell in love with them. They were from Doberman father and Rottweiler mother.
I never had female dog and heard lot of people say girls are very sweet, so I thought I give it a try. She was sweet but clumsy, bit like Marly from the movie. But she was very sweet and grew up healthy and soon, she was boss of the dogs.  
Things went on smoothly until May this year; I noticed that she was not eating well. I took her to the vet and he told me she has hepatitis and her liver function is failing.
I was shocked and from that day on, she started a special diet of no grease, rice, egg white, bit of corn oil and salt. She didn't like it, and she was not eating and I had to force her some special milk to keep her going. I was so afraid that I might lose her.
Vet suggested that she can eat home made bouillon without grease. This she liked and slowly together with the medication; she recovered in 1 month time.
In this 1 month, I spent so much time caring her and I felt like we created some kind of special bond. She recovered and became more active than before, so I was relieved and happy.
Then, we needed to go away for 10 days and I left my dogs care to our neighbor, who always looks after my dogs and cats. I was too optimistic and didn't think of leaving him the phone number of us or our vet.  
When we came home in the evening, I didn't see her coming to greet us. That is not possible, and suddenly I had very bad feeling inside and rushed to my neighbor and he regretfully told me that he found her dead in our yard, her front ankle caught in wooden fence.
I really lost myself. I blamed myself for not protecting the fence, when I have seen my dogs twice, caught in that fence. It was my lack of attention that took her life. Vet told me that she must have panicked and died of heart attack.  
Since our neighbor didn't know whom to contact, they kindly buried her in our garden. I cried so many days on top of her grave and at home. I could not stand the pain of losing her when she was so well and on top of that, not being able to see her to say good bye. 
I could not work for animals for sometime. I was too hurt. She only had 3 short years with us and she gave us so much fun and love to share. I will keep on missing her but I know I will see her again when the time comes. That's my memory of Meisy. 
Lina, Netherlands Antilles



Nana left this world on February 4, 2004

When I was working in Moscow many years ago, I found her at the airport. There were several people living in the airport, waiting for their visa or ticket approval, and I guess someone had her with them.
She was pretty kitty, just walking around and when I called her, she came and sat on my lap and decided to stay there. So I took her home in a empty vodka box.
I was working and living on my own and it was comforting to come home to someone, who will run to the door after long day of work.
She was unique because she loved to climb up all the way to my shoulder and put her arms around my neck and bury her face on my chest, just like a baby. She was my first cat and became my baby.
After 3 years, I moved out, got married and she was added condition to my husband. If he wanted to live with me, he had to take her in, or else no marriage.
Our son was born and Nana was always sleeping close to his crib, just like older sister and he grew up happily with her. I have to admit that in the first years, I could not give her much attention, as I was too occupied raising my son.
Things were perfect with all of us until one day, I found some hard thing under her nipple. She was 13. I took her to the vet and they decided to take that out. Operation went fine, and the vet told me she will send the part taken out to the lab to see if it is serious.
Life was back to normal, until about a year later; I found another cyst in her belly, a larger one this time. I suddenly remembered that vet never called me back to tell me the result of her biopsy. The same vet was not available, so I searched for another vet, who had better facilities. She was diagnosed with blood cancer and sent for special lab for check up. This time, it was terminal and in final stage.
I cried all the way back home, kept crying and researching how I might be able to save her. Lab offered me chemotherapy, but that was just to extend her life and not a cure, so we decided that we had to let her go when the time comes.
The vet was very supportive and he helped her to ease her pain and one day he told me that she was suffering and I have to make my decision. I was not ready to let her go, but I also didn't want her to suffer. Next morning, she was lying, with the tips of her legs cold. I knew it wouldn't be long, so I called the vet to give her rest. She was at home, on my lap and needed double the dosage to sedate her, and he said she is refusing to go. I couldn't help her, it was time for her to go and so she left us. She was the longest companion I had, longer than my husband at that point. We shared 14 wonderful years. She left me with emptiness.
Later I called the old vet and from the file, I found out that she never send the samples to the lab. I should have followed up but I was still inexperienced with cat. I don't know if she could have lived longer if I was more aware of regular check ups and I regret my ignorance. But from that, I learned that I need good vet to keep open communication.
She was my first pet to leave me. But she will never be forgotten and will always be with me in my heart. One day if I have to leave this world, her ashes will go with me. She was so special and I can't wait for the time she will find me again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Lina, Netherlands Antilles