Horse Training Services

This is an intensive back to basics program that is a refresher course to condition and give your horse a higher education.  It makes a happy horse with good work ethics.  

The course is a 4 month program in which the first 3 months I will work with your horse on a one to one basis to re-establish the communication and trust.  The 4th month is when I will work with you and your horse so the training that was instilled can be continued.  

If your horse does not move off the leg and seat properly, does not go forward, is lazy, has become pushy, does not take the contact, has become rude or is just simply evasive to your requests this program is for you and your horse.  

Your horse will receive a customized nutritional program, full care and attention, proper hoof maintenance, daily workouts, pasture turnouts, bathing, and pampering. 

The training is based on the classical dressage principals and is for any discipline as it is the basic training of any riding horse.  Dressage is a french word that means to train.  Regardless of the discipline, all training begins at the same place.  It is correct basics that establishes a happy horse. 

It is important that the horse move forward from the seat and leg in self carriage.  This is required of any riding horse.  This program will re-school or educate whichever is needed to this simple concept. 

A horse that does not move forward, track straight and stretch over the topline will eventually develop discomfort.  When your horse is in pain or discomfort you will have evasions.  These can manifest as shying, bucking, tossing the head, pulling on the reins, the list is long.   The horse must go forward into the contact and the issues dissapate because you have a happy horse traveling as nature intended.