Dream Interpretations

Dreams are messages from your higher self

There are several types of dreams depending on where they originate.  The subconscious level that is closely related to the conscious mind is influenced by external stimuli, perhaps a

disturbing movie or an event that was attended.  These dreams are usually frivolous.


The second type is a higher plane of sub-consciousness that usually relates directly to your physical body.  These dreams tend to be warnings about the present condition of the body that need attention.


The third level of subconscious dreams relates to your mental condition.  It exposes mental attitudes and beliefs that need focus.  It assists the individual in understanding how negative thought patterns place limitations on spiritual evolution.

Dreams assist in revealing valuable information by which solutions to daily problems are provided and emotional issues are resolved.  

On the deepest level of dreaming is where heightened awareness, spiritual guidance, premonitions and messages are received. 

By analyzing your dreams, habitual patterns, negative thoughts and fears are recognizable.  The conscious awareness of your spiritual and emotional well being initiates transfromation.  

Sleep enables your higher self to be free of the limitations of the body and mind.  It travels into other dimensions of being, assists others and enters a place of higher learning.  There is much work done at this level.

Dream interpretations are invaluable in discovering your true potential as well as heeding nature's warnings.  They assist in healing and receiving messages from the Source. 

To order your dream interpretation you will be requested to email the dream with all details you can remember including colors, smells, sounds and symbols. 

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