Rapid Response  T+ HA for animals Gallon

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If you are unsure of what formula fits your needs or for further information on this product,please email me. 

This formulas are for injuries, new or old that are slow healing, unexplained lameness problems and difficult problems. 

Rapid Response T + HA for animals 
Rapid Response T + hyaluronic acid is preferred for use in horses or other animals with injuries and slow healing issues.  It is also recommended for horses that are racing, jumping, barrel racing or under other severe stress in order to help maintain soundness.  This formula is more specific for bones over the Rapid Response formula listed above.  This formula is more effective than the regular Rapid Response formula. 
Rapid Response F is basically the same formula as the Rapid Response T formula but has a natural pulpy plant base which makes the added ingredients longer acting and provides more pain relief.  As a result this formula works better than the “T” formula but does contains pulp.  This is the best formula of Rapid Response.
Recommended by veterinarians to provide advanced nutritional support for the special dietary needs of animals in maintaining the health of skeletal structure, tendons and soft tissues particularly following trauma induced injuries.
Use once daily as a nutritional supplement AND topical astringent at the same time.  Shake well before use.
Nutritional maintenance dose for prevention:  1 to 2 ounces daily in feed.  (1 gallon will last 64-128 days).
Feed:  Normally 2 to 4 ounces are added to feed daily or can squeeze into mouth with a squeeze bottle or syringe.  For smaller companion animals give 1 to 2 ounces per day.  Notes:  Doubling dose for first 3 to 7 days to increase efficiency in body is recommended.  If animal seems to want Rapid Response in excess of the recommended serving size, additional feeding will provide further nutritional support.  Important: "If external application is not possible, double the oral dose at all times.  External application will improve results and is highly recommended if possible."  
External application:  Clean affected area with pure castile soap (if available) and rinse thoroughly especially for first application.  For leg application:  Apply 1 ounce (or amount sufficient)  of Rapid Response to a pad made of folded sheet cotton or low absorbent cotton and place over area.  Apply sheet cotton around leg and pad.  Wrap with plastic similar to saran wrap.  Apply magnets (if available) below area to aid in drawing blood to the area.  Then apply a standing bandage such as a "no bow".  Secure with vet wrap or "4" rolled bandage "flannel" and masking tape.  
NOTE:  Do not use plastic on an open skin wound such as a cut.  Leave on 24 hours before reapplying.  Do not wrap tight unless needed for leg support then wrap properly.  There are special instructions for wrapping light colored and thin skinned horses, the hoof and other parts of the body.  The soft wrapping of the topical application creates important warmth around the injured area.  Amount used will depend somewhat on the size of the injured area.   
Refrigerate after opening. Avoid freezing or excessive heat. Keep lid closed tightly.  Rapid Response is a natural product containing no animal by-products.  Taste, color and consistency may vary seasonally.  Earth-friendly!  Cruelty-free animal research-all animals benefited!  Natural and safe!