Animal Communication

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This service provides direct communication to your pet.  If there is something you would like to relay to them or would like to know what they think about or perhaps there is an unexplained training or health issue, then this is the service for you.  The communication can provide you with insight as to their past lives as well as their connection with you.

Most animals can be contacted long distance, in rare circumstances there may be a refusal by the animal to speak.   All readings are done by email or phone appointment.  You will be requested to provide the animals name, breed, age, and birth date, if known and other pertinent information. 

If further clarification of the results of the communication is needed, there is no charge unless the questions are outside the initial questions of concern. 


I am not representing a guarantee that the reading or interpretation is accurate or that you will receive particular results. The reading is offered with the intention that it may be helpful based on the information I believe was received by me from your animal. 

I cannot tell you what your pet ate the day before or what they did yesterday.  The communication is based on what is most relevant to the animal in the present.  If they had a life threatening trauma that happened months or years ago it will not be shown unless that particular event is affecting them in the present and has not completely healed.  If your expectation is that I should know everything about your animal than this type of communication is not for you. 

I am not a veterinarian and make no claim to diagnose or treat medical issues.