12sided Double Terminated Vogel

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This 12 sided double terminated Vogel Crystal is a powerful healing tool helping you to go deeper into difficult healings. Total clarity, top quality. Approximatley 1 3/4" long. Size and shape varies from photo. 

A Vogel cut crystal gives the user immediate access to the etheric body and stabilizes it, allowing light from the higher realms to enter



Vogel crystals are cut and tuned to the vibration of water. The number of sides the crystal has determines the charge capacity.
The 4-sided crystal is for treatment of the body.
The 6- sided crystal is for emotional problems.  

The 8-sided is for treating deep shock and severe trauma. 

12-sideds are the workhorses of the healing world who help you to delve deeper into the psychological levels of difficult healings.  

13-sided reaches into past lives and releases blocks and resolves trauma.