Animal Spirits

Animal Medicine and Totems

Everyone has nine totem animals.  These animals represent the "medicine" or power they carry with them and offer to you.  Seven of them come to you by the seven directions surrounding your physical body.  They are the 4 directions of east, west, north and south and above, below and within. 


 The other two are ones that walk by your side and are seen in your dreams.  They are revealed when you are ready to see them and/or call upon them to utilize their gifts.  Everyone has nine totem animals.  These animals represent the "medicine" or power they carry with them and offer to you. 

Animal medicine refers to the power or "medicine" that particular animal offers. For example, someone who is connected to the horse usually has the same attributes as that animal such as great physical strength, nobility and willingness to please.  They will go the distance, are reliable, and steadfast.    

An animal does not have to be in your totem for you to call upon their medicine.  It depends on the circumstance.  In most cases your totem animals are more than capable of providing you with the necessary tools. 

These animal spirits are here to assist us in our earthwalk.  They provide the necessary connection to the great spirit and enable us to connect our body, mind and spirit to all that is.  The more we recognize our connectiveness or oneness with these spirits the better we are able to utilize their gifts.


We also have animal spirits that were once with us in this earthwalk and have crossed over.  These beloved friends accompany us and in their devotion many times return to us either by reincarnating into the present lifetime once again or waiting until another lifetime when the opportunity arises. 

They may come to you in a dream or through another animal.  At times you may notice that your pet seems to act differently and suddenly reminds you of your long lost friend.  At that moment, the animal spirit is returning to visit with you.  

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