Talk to the animals

During a communication session, the animal's identity is confirmed and your questions of concern are addressed. This can include behavior problems, aggression with other animals and/or people in the household and the reasons behind it.  Messages can be sent to your pet from you.  You may be surprised to find out what your pet has to say about things. 


Areas of pain and discomforts can be pinpointed through a body scan. This can prove to be instrumental in the proper diagnosis of a health related problem. 


Permission to proceed with the communication must be granted by the animal.  This assures that there is no intrusion of privacy.  The information relayed is sent directly from the animal and translated.  It is helpful to have a main concern or focus for the communication.  This allows for a more precise response from the animal.  They do not think and interpret things as humans do. The clearer the intention the clearer the response.  


The communication is energetic in form. This means it is not spoken in words.  What is received is translated according to the emotional body of the animal.  


During a session, the energetic response from the animal is linked to the communicator. The communicator may experience discomfort or pain in the same area of the body the animal is experiencing it.  


Many times an animal may be experiencing pain, but have no visable signs other than unexplained aggression.  The communication session can help to discover the reasons behind behavior problems such as aggression, urinating in the wrong places, chewing, etc. 

Results of Animal Communications

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Animal communications are about healing.  Communications assist to heal the emotional body of the animal and the humans that care and love them.  It offers spiritual awareness and a better understanding of those special animals we share our lives with.

The animals that are in our lives may have been with us in a past life. They are with you because they chose to be with you. They offer unconditional love and devotion regardless of the situations.   It is our duty to provide a loving environment that nurtures their well being.

If you have an animal you would like to communicate with click here.  Most animals can be contacted long distance.  The willingness of the animal to speak determines whether communication can take place.   


I am not representing a guarantee that the reading or interpretation is accurate or that you will receive particular results. The reading is offered with the intention that it may be helpful based on the information I believe was received by me from your animal. 

I cannot tell you what your pet ate the day before or what they did yesterday.  The communication is based on what is most relevant to the animal in the present.  If they had a life threatening trauma that happened months or years ago it will not be shown unless that particular event is affecting them in the present and has not completely healed.  If your expectation is that I should know everything about your animal than this type of communication is not for you. 

I am not a veterinarian and make no claim to diagnose or treat medical issues.