Crystal Healing

Healing Properites of Crystals and Minerals


Quartz can strengthen all things positive.  It amplifies intention, reduces stress, helps with balancing and healing, and surrounds you with protection. 

The best way to use the properties of quartz is to keep it close to you at all times.  This will attune it to your frequencies.  It is important to cleanse all your stones before using.  This can be done simply by rinsing them in clean water and letting them sit in the sun for at least 30 minutes.  Another option is to place the stone on a large cluster for recharging.  After it is cleared apply your breath to all sides of the stone to tune it to your frequency.  Your stone is now ready to work for you.

Each type of stone gives off its own form of subtle energy.  Quartz has been known as the master stone because of the way it amplies the subtle energy.  It can be found in several shades; clear, pink(rose quartz), brown(smokey quartz), yellow/gold(citrine),and purple(amethyst).


The most popular crystals and their metaphysical healing properties: 

 AGATE:  Agate is a variety of chalcedony which is microcrystalline quartz.  There are many different types of agates in different color combinations. 

Agate is most noted for balancing yin and yang, protection, courage, healing and calming. It enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect.  It is also known as a good luck stone.

Agate can cleanse an stablize the aura by removing and/or transforming negative energy.  This stone can strengthen's the body's earth connection. 

 AMBER: a petrified pine sap from millions of years ago, often seen with small insects, flowers, seeds and other reminants of a prehistoric nature. 

Amber does not emit strong healing energy.  It does have the ability to absorb negative energy from the body thus enabling the body to begin the healing process. Placing amber over areas of the body that are painful or imbalanced can help to relieve the discomforts by releasing the negativity.  Often times after using amber for this purpose it will become clouded or dull. 

AMETHYST: This stone is a powerful healer.  It relieves emotional pain, and calms the mind. It acts as a healer on all levels. Amethyst is aligned with the third eye therefore it assists in clearing confusion and bringing one to a deeper state of realization.

ANGELITE: is believed to be helpful in telepathic communications. As the name suggests, it is helpful in connecting with the angelic kingdom.  Angelite helps to release anger and heal the emotions of the heart.

AQUAMARINE: Enhances creative self expression and helps those burdened with great responsibility by offering strength and clarity of mind.  Attuned to the ocean it provides a soothing calm atomsphere in which fears can be released and healed.  This stone assists those that tend to be judgemental by offering peace and tranquility.   Aquamarine can rekindle love in a marriage and bring new friendships.

ARAGONITE: Considered to be an ideal stone for those going through turmoil.  It relieves stress, eliminates anger and enhances generosity.  A calming and soothing stone, Aragonite promotes a positive effect on emotions increasing self worth and self confidence. Aragonite gives the ability to live everyday life with an open mind and an open heart. It is an earth grounding stone and has been thought help retrieve memories of past lives.

AVENTURINE:  said to assist in releasing anxiety and fear.  Aventurine is a powerful healer lending a positive attitude in life. Aventurine is a stone for leaders.  It assists in the realization of ones potential, enhances creativity and prosperity. 

 AZURITE: It is believed to help any part of the body that is congested.  Azurite is closely related to copper so it offers pain relief in a similar fashion that copper is known for.  It is also known to fortify the memory and enhance the intellect.  Azurite is in tune with the third eye or 6th chakra center making it a powerful healing tool for clearing and gaining a stronger connection to the universal mind.  

BERYL: comes in a variety of colors, usually translucent or cloudy.  It is known to offer healing between lovers, locate lost items, promote tolerance and increase wisdom.

BLOODSTONE: helps to purify the blood and bring blood disorders to the surface. Bloodstone will attract wealth to its wearer and increase energy by supporting the immune system.

CALCITE: helps to amplify learning abilities and has been known to increase energy; protect, center and ground its wearing offering a stronger sense of serenity. A stone of spiritual wisdom, calcite has been known to bring prosperity, increase the imagination and eliminate fears.

CARNELIAN:  believed to calm tempers, relieve sexual tension, energize the blood and protect against illness.  It instills a powerful sense of well being and helps eliminate unresolved feelings.  It is believed to bring good luck, happiness, prosperity and success.  Recommended for those who lack courage or have a creative block. 

CHALCEDONY: promotes optimism and goodwill. Aids in relieving depression, Chalcedony promotes mental stability. It is believed to calm the nervous system and release worry. 

 CHRYSOCHOLLA: a member of the quartz family, it is associated with tolerance, intimacy, serenity, and peace.  It is known to bring calmness, hope, unconditional love and wisdom of of the subconscious. 

 CITRINE: thought to dispel fear and eliminate self destructive tendencies, Citrine, symbolizes success and happiness.  It assists in building a strong emotional foundation providing creative energy and a positive attitude in life. 

 COPPER: said to bring luck and prosperity, improve communication skills and provide energy to the wearer.  Has been know to relieve pain and stimulate the flow of life force throughout the body.

EMERALD: known as a symbol of love and success.  Emeralds can strengthen the bodies weakest parts and promote harmony and bliss in personal relationships. Aids in self discovery, honesty, fertility, loyality and spiritual growth.  Provides mental clarity.

FLUORITE: believed to bring good luck, fluorite comes in a variety of colors.  It nurtures intelligence, wisdom, and truth.  Fluorite has been know to eliminate stress, relieve lonliness, enhance mental clarity, and promote honor and goodwill.

 GARNET:  ignites romance and gives a sense of self confidence.  It clears the path for new beginnings and releases negative thought patterns along the way.  It embraces vitality, love, commitment and purity.

GOLD: is associated with moral excellence, virtue, purification, strength, power, honor and happiness.  It promotes positive thoughts, good humor, stability and opportunity.

HEMATITE:  improves mental focus and concentration, increases the logical thought processes, bolsters self confidence, neutralizes negativity and releases jealousy and anger. It is believed to bring good luck, good health, and higher love. 

 HOWLITE: helpful to those who procrastinate.  It has been thought to increase appreciation and aid in deep sleep. It is known for bringing back wisdom from the dream state.  It reduces tension and anxiety.

 IOLITE:  helps connect to the soul and understand who we are and why we are here. Promotes truth,  enhances inner strength and supports self confidence. 

JADE: calms the mind, purifies the blood. Jade is believed to bring good luck, peace, harmony and stability.

JASPER:  associated with relaxation, contentment, compassion, and healing.  Jasper is believed to bring wisdom, courage and good health.  Jasper that contains yellow offers protection.  Jasper that contains red offers good health. Jasper that contains blue connects to the after life.  Brown Jasper aids in grounding and concentration.

KYANITE: Kyanite aligns the chakras instantly. It helps promote communication, encourages tranquillity and psychic awareness. Excellent for meditation and dream recall. Kyanite is also excellent for working on the throat chakra and third eye.

LABRADORITE: sharpens the mind and amplifies visions.  This stone provides clarity and insight into your dreams. Labradorite aids in restful sleep and dream memory. It increase intuition and decreases anxiety, wisdom and psychic abilities. 

LAPIS LAZULI: protects from evil, Lapis contains the energy of royality, wisdom, patience, truth, artistic expression, and personal integretity.  It is believed to attract good fortune, success in love, increase concentration, strengthen instincts, and promote cheerfulness.

 MALACHITE: a protective stone known to break in pieces warning the wearer of impending disaster.  Believed to dispel evil spirits and cleanse the body at a cellular level.  Malachite offers healing by supporting the immune system and stablizing the energy systems.

MOONSTONE: offers balance and protection. Moonstone promotes hope, spiritual insight, unselfishness, and reduces stress and anxiety. 

OBSIDIAN: a natural glass formed from volcanic lava, Obsidian provides protection from evil and physical or emotional harm.  It encourages integrity, expands concentration, enhances self discipline, provides strength and wisdom. It relfects flaws and helps the individual make positive change.

 ONYX: is a grounding stone and absorbs negativity.  It helps to control emotions, increases concentration, fosters inner truth, understanding and confidence.  Onyx can help to change bad habits, bring wealth and help one reach their destiny.

OPAL: has a strong ability to increase mental capacities, focusing on the unused part of the mind. 

PERIDOT: helps dreams become reality. It is a symbol of fame, dignity and protection.  Peridot's mystical properties grants power to ward off anxiety and promote success in relationships.  It aids in healing of hurt feelings and protects the central nervous system.

 QUARTZ:  an all purpose healer, Quartz has been used for healing and magical purposes throughout the ages. It promotes confidence, balances emotions, dispels fear, wards off evil and provides protection.

RHODOCROSITE:  enhances loving relationships, offers tolerance, compassion and kindness.  It promotes friendship and is a stone of truth.

RHODONITE: promotes goodwill and inspiration.  Has a calming effect during disorder and is believed to bring good luck and improve health.  Helps to keep the mind calm.

 ROSE QUARTZ:  enhances romance and love.  It's most powerful healing property is helping one to love and accept thyself.  Rose quartz assists in matters of the heart by bringing positive experiences of unconditional love. It can be used to balance the emotions and open the heart to love.

RUBY: assists in the attainment of goals and brings spiritual wisdom, health, wealth and knowledge.  It is a stone of nobility and stimulates courage, love, confidence, loyality, financial stabliity, creativity, and awareness. It assists in matters of the heart ad has the ability to defeat darkness. 

RUTILITE: dispels negative energy and assists in stablizing marriages.

 SAPPHIRE: enhances creative expressions, knowledge and intuition.  Sapphire relieves depression and encourages positive thinking.  It is known to increase generosity, loyalty and love.

SELENITE: opens, aligns and clears the energetic systems of the body. It is a great mover of energy. Selenite brings mental clarity, healing, psychic development, intuitive processing, and a bridge to altered states of conciousness.

SMOKEY QUARTZ: provides a sense of calmness and relieves depression.  Smokey quartz promotes calmness, stability and practicality.  It is a stone of spiritual grounding.

SODALITE: offers protection, improves memory and promotes rational thinking. It fosters positive thinking, mental clarity, truth and stong intuition.

SUGALITE: strengthens psychic abilities and encourages peace of mind.  A stone of divine love, Sugalite opens the heart to a deeper connection to all that is. 

 TIGER'S EYE: focuses the mind and allows understanding.  It calms the emotions and releases stubborn thought patterns.  Tiger's eye aids in reducing stress and brings clarity of mind.

 TOPAZ: promotes creativity, leadership, individuality, and spiritual growth.  Topaz replaces negative energy with love and is believed to bring wealth and good health. It promotes creative expression and dispenses doubt.

TOURMALINE:  dispels negativity, grief and fear.  Tourmaline improves concentration and protects the wearer from misfortunes.

TURQUOISE: brings enthusiam into new projects.  Turquoise provides understanding, creativity, and good fortune.  It is said to offer wealth and happiness.

ZIRCON: inspires independence, friendliness, spirituality and an appreciation of life.

There are many uses for crystals in healing of the body, mind and spirit.  This is a small portion of the thousands of uses. Those listed are the more popular ones that cover most of our needs.

(If you don't see your favorite listed email me)

CHAKRA CHART for quick reference.

Note:  This information is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical treatment or advice. You should always consult a licensed physician for diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

If are interested in crystal healing, I recommend getting a copy of Crystal Vibrations.  This book is easy to understand and is organized by ailment.