Living Tree Orchid Essences


Living Tree Orchid Essences (LTOE) are one of the finest essences available.  They work differently than other flower essences in that  they work on the chakra centers that exist within the etheric body.  Other types of flower essences work on the emotional body.  

LTOE have the ability to create very powerful shifts in our energy fields, sometimes immediate.  They work directly within the etheric body to help in clearing out karmic energies, healing negative patterns of past life traumas,  breaking up deep seated wounds of the chakra centers, increasing ones awareness and enhancing pyschic abilities.  LTOE's main focus is to assist us along our spiritual path by helping to realign our energy centers with our higher purpose.

Living Tree Orchid Essences are made on the Isle of Gigha in Scotland with orchids grown in greenhouses using a non-cutting method for the essence making.  These essences are truly a gift to support our spiritual evolution. 

Take your time to scroll the essences to get familiar with them.  The one that speaks out to you is the one you need.  

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