Liquid Needles
Light Activated and Charged



DNR's light-energized products are made up of charged water molecules that carry select light wave frequencies to targeted areas of the body.

The combination of frequencies selected for each DNR formulation governs its direction and usage by needy cells and systems. The science we use to collect specific light energies and transfer their impulses of energy through a water molecule medium is proprietary.

Electricity is a natural part of living and is involved in every cell in the body. If the electrical energy in the body is suppressed or deficient, communication signals can be weakened or distorted. This reduces the harmonious functions of the body's mental, emotional and physical functions.

DNR uses charged water molecules to carry light wave frequencies to various areas of the body. Whenever the charged molecules come in contact with the body topically or internally, they provide a jump-start or triggering type action that can affect the body's overall electrochemical balance.

What you should know about DNR light-energized products

The charged water molecules are encoded with select light-wave combinations that are specifically encoded to stimulate or signal certain areas of the body. The body maintains a complex communication system that transmits and receives messenger impulses that relate to every mental and physical action of life and health.

The body's subtle energy movement is electromagnetic in structure and responds to a host of subtle impulses that the body's cells understand and react to.

As a laser uses a beam of light to control an outcome on or within the body, DNR uses, in some cases, thousands of combinations of light wave frequencies to stimulate or trigger a desired outcome. Usually this outcome is related to balance, increases in vital energy, or the extrication of harmful toxins.

DNR, Inc. light-energized products do not treat any kind of sickness, illness or disease. Under normal and natural conditions, your body can fight off and heal sickness, illness or disease itself.

To do this, it must be functioning in a balanced state. In order to be functioning in a balanced state it must maintain sufficient levels of the vital energy required to support its emotional and physical needs.

If the body's vital energy movement is weak or blocked and cannot get to the organs, glands and cellular complexes, balance cannot be achieved. If the body is retaining chemical or heavy metal toxins, the balanced state necessary to stay well or get well cannot take place.

A prolonged emotional or mental health condition can be responsible for bringing on physical ailments that may lead to illness or disease.

The Science Behind DNR's Body Soaks

Long before scientists could prove that sunlight had healing properties, man instinctively knew light from the Sun was attributable to his health and well-being. Many cultures did, and many still do, see the Sun as a spiritual source and force in their lives. Sun. is the abbreviation for Sunday. Sunday was originally celebrated as, "day of the Sun."

When we think about the Sun's ability to move its light energy through 93 million miles of space and provide this entire planet with life, we can then begin to see how important it is to our own life.

For instance, while the Sun is shining its light energy on a sea or ocean, the mineral makeup of the water is constantly absorbing its energy. Over the years many individuals have attested to their renewed vigor and vitality after swimming or bathing in these waters.

Plants and fruit-bearing trees must be able to collect the Sun's light energy waves in order to facilitate their yield. Not only that, plants and trees themselves depend on the Sun's light energy waves for growth.

No one has to remind the ocean minerals to absorb the light energy from the Sun. And, humans don't have to command plants and trees to collect light waves from the Sun. Nature has provided all living things with the inherent ability to utilize the energy collected from the Sun. It is the collection and utilization of this energy that makes it possible to stay healthy, grow, regenerate and reproduce.

However, the magic of the Sun's light energy waves is not limited to what you and I see and identify as light. Visible light only takes up approximately 2% of the light energy spectrum. This means that about 98% of light energy exists as non-visible light energy. Radar, sonar, lasers, telephones, radios, televisions, remote controls and many other new devices require non-visible light wave frequencies to make them work or work better.

DNR, too, creates products that utilize a blend of light-energy frequencies to help maintain or reestablish health by balancing and increasing the body's own vitality and energy. These light wave impulses, known as frequencies, are used by DNR scientists and encoded into their products. Like the ocean, the DNR mineral rich water solutions absorb and retain the energy of select light waves. Once in contact with the body, the body absorbs and utilizes the energy to deal with its own toxicity or energy related health problems.

During this industrialization age, humans and animals have become sick and died from the accumulation of synthetically made chemicals. These metal or solvent-based chemicals attach themselves to our cells and, in large part, stay there. Our natural disposal system was not made to handle synthetics. The longer the body is toxic from poisons related to heavy metals or chemicals, the harder it is to stay healthy or get healthy.

DNR has become well known for creating mineral rich energy solutions that can be used for cleansing the body of many different health-damaging compounds. These solutions are known as Liquid Needle Body Soaks. They are totally safe and effective. They are sold in concentrate form and are added to bath water for soaking the body. Like the ocean, their mineral rich particles are fortified with light energy frequencies that deal with all kinds of toxicity problems, as well as the general revitalization of health.

"Body Soaks worked even when all else failed"

In 1996, Alternative Medicine Digest highlighted an article about how Dr. Lee Cowden, a cardiologist from Dallas, Texas, provided a protocol for very sick women whose bodies were internally poisoned from breast implants that leached silicone throughout the body.

The article went on to state how quick and effective DNR's Body Soak-Gold was in triggering the release and removal of "white" silicone flecks that appeared in the bath water. Since that time DNR has shipped Body Soak-Gold to hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices and directly to dealers with clients experiencing problems with breast implants.

Today, DNR manufactures 22 different Body Soak formulations. Each one relates specifically to a condition or series of conditions. While each formulation can balance the body and increase vitality, their major function is to free up blocked energy pathways. As these processes are all taking place, toxic accumulations can be safely removed in a unique manner through the pores of the skin. Any other method could break down toxins from the walls of fatty tissue and circulate them through the blood stream, where they may relodge themselves into the body's organs, glands, and tissue.

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Acupuncture without needles!

Liquid Needle is the most accurate and effective means of:

  • Stimulating a Point

  • Unblocking Energy Blockages

  • Balancing Energy

  • Increasing and Sustaining Vitality

  • Initiating Detoxification

In 1990, Developmental Natural Resources, Inc. (DNR, Inc.), a family owned health research firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana, created a mineral base solution with electrically charged holding combination of  coded signals that could be recognized by the body. Simply put, these signals were established to send coded impulses or messages to the body.

The finished product derived from this new technology has become known as "Liquid Needle." After only 7 years, there are more people in the United States depending on Liquid Needle for balancing and unblocking energy than from acupuncture needles. There are over 100 different products being formulated under the Liquid Needle and Liquid Signals names. Both names are protected under U.S. federal trademark laws.

The intense electronic charge given off by Liquid Needle formulas are strong enough to trigger a balancing point without being uncomfortably felt by the recipients. Finding the exact point is not required with these formulas since there is a 1 to 2 cubic inch variance for location accuracy. More importantly, there is no insertion, twirling or angling required. Of course children and many adults who object to needle insertion find the transdermal application of Liquid Needle and Liquid Signals to be fast acting, safe and painless.

Liquid Needle and Liquid Signals can be used by the patient as easily as used by the Health Care Professional.

Liquid Needle Rebalancer formulas go far beyond the normal aspects of acupuncture. Liquid Needle and Liquid Signals products are capable of transmitting nutritional, herbal, homeopathic and many other useful signals to the body while triggering specific points. These products can be used topically or orally.

TO ORDER and view all of DNR's products click on Liquid Needles. This will take you to DNR's home page.  Under Sign in to shop, click on associate referral to receive a 20% discount.  You will be asked to fill out account information.  There is no obligation.  This allows you to shop and get a discount.  After that you will be asked for an associate ID number.  This is it.   #4783334  You must use this number to get the discount

How to Use DNR, Inc. Topical Products

Apply to appropriate topical points a minimum of 3 times daily.

Apply directly to areas of discomfort as often as necessary. Apply counter-clockwise to body for discomfort or pain applications. Apply clockwise to body for all other applications. It is essential to apply regularly.

Topical applications are ideal when dealing with the body's natural energy, its energy blockages and imbalances.

Where, When and Which Liquid Needle Topical application to use

Any Liquid Needle Topical product can be applied to the 8 Balancing Points. Each one will deal with rebalancing the body. Each one will deal with blocked energy movement and the enhancement of the body's overall vitality. Below is a simplified explanation of the points and their relationship to other parts of the body.

Point 1. Located on the center brow above the eyes, this point is associated with the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. It governs the nervous system, the brain (logic side), the eyes (sight), ears (hearing), and nose (smell). This major point is related to the balanced production of melatonin and the neurotransmitter, seratonin. Melatonin is essential in supporting the immune system's ability to fight cancer and regulate restful sleep. Seratonin is the brain's master impulse modulator for all our emotions and drives. It especially keeps aggression in line.

Point 2. Located approximately 2 inches below the bottom of the throat on adults, this point is associated with the thymus gland. This point also has a direct action on the heart, lungs, throat, and thyroid. Stimulation helps stabilize the body's energy. Activating and balancing the thymus gland can assure the production of T-cells which are essential in activating and supporting the immune system.

Point 3. Located at the middle of the hair line, this point is associated with the pituitary gland and a major controlling point for the brain. It is responsible for receiving and directing messages or impulses to and from areas of the brain and body. It is one of the five points of the head for balancing and stabilizing the energies of the body. The pituitary gland is known as the master gland and controls the balance and production of hormones to the thyroid gland, adrenal cortex, testes, ovaries, breast, muscle, bones and skin.

Point 4. Located at the crown of the head, this point is associated with the pineal gland, physical balance and energy. Governs the upper brain and right eye. This point is a major point of all the positive energies of the body and can reestablish both deficient and excess positive energies. It has a direct effect on memory and feelings and influences psycho-emotional balance.

Point 5. Like point three, it is a major controlling point of the brain. Located approximately 2 ² inches behind the crown point, it is also responsible for receiving and directing messages to and from all areas of the head for balancing and stabilizing the energies of the body. This point is associated with the hypothalamus, the switchboard for all the communications in the body.

Point 6. Located between C-6 and C-7 (largest extending vertebra at the base of the neck) this point is the meeting point of all the body's positive energy. This point is used to build up and generate the positive energies of the body and help destroy pathological conditions. It is considered to be a major body protection point.

Points 7-8. These points are located in front of the ears where an extending half-circular extrusion is located. These points are related to the corpus collosum, the vital tissue that divides the left hemisphere from the right hemisphere of the brain. These are major points used to balance mental, emotional and memory capabilities. When the corpus collosum is out of balance, the right side and left side of the brain seem to function in a reversed manner causing confusion and mental frustration.


When primarily concerned about: Apply:
Overall balance and well being Topical Original
Pain, fatigue or any physical situation Topical Original Extra Strength
Emotional and mental responses Brown Label
Teeth & gums, eyes Green Label

Lower tract conditions in colon, intestines, stomach

Yellow Label

DNR has over 170 products formulated to detoxify, rebalance and strengthen the life force running through the energy meridians.  They work!  If you have any questions email

TO ORDER and view all of DNR's products click on Liquid Needles. This will take you to DNR's home page.  Under Sign in to shop, click on associate referral to receive a 20% discount.  You will be asked to fill out account information.  There is no obligation.  This allows you to shop and get a discount.  After that you will be asked for an associate ID number.  This is it.   #4783334  You must use this number to get the discount. 

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