Animal Spirits

Animal Medicine and Totems

Everyone has nine totem animals.  These animals represent the "medicine" or power they carry with them and offer to you.  Seven of them come to you by the seven directions surrounding your physical body.  This is the 4 directions of east, west, north and south and above, below and within. 

The other two are ones that walk by your side and are seen in your dreams.  They are revealed when you are ready to see them and/or call upon them to utilize their gifts.  Everyone has nine totem animals.  These animals represent the "medicine" or power they carry with them and offer to you.  Seven of them come to you by the seven directions surrounding your physical body.  This is the 4 directions of east, west, north and south and above, below and within. 

Animal medicine refers to the power or "medicine" that particular animal offers. For example, someone who is connected to the horse usually has the same attributes as that animal such as great physical strength, nobility and willingness to please.  They will go the distance, are reliable, and steadfast.    

An animal does not have to be in your totem for you to call upon their medicine.  It depends on the circumstance.  In most cases your totem animals are more than capable of providing you with the necessary tools. 

These animal spirits are here to assist us in our earthwalk.  They provide the necessary connection to the great spirit and enable us to connect our body, mind and spirit to all that is.  The more we recognize our connectiveness or oneness with these spirits the better we are able to utilize their gifts.

Satisfied clients:

"WingedWolf, as usual you were dead on!!! Cougar,Horse,Wolf and to some extent Tiger have been familiar faces next to me for a long time. Snake was a surprise only because I had not looked him in the face and acknowledged him. Strange, because HIS medicine is what I use the most at work...  Thank you Winged Wolf...haven't had anyone in this lifetime to speak with about these things that are so real to me. How thankful I am FOR YOU this Thanksgiving!!!"  Maggi C.

"I cannot find the words to completely express my heartfelt gratitude to Wingedwolf. My precious cocker spaniel, Snickers, crossed over on November 1, 2004. He was 13 years old and the love of my life. I have beeen grieving so much and feeling so lost without him. I needed help. Something led me to Wingedwolf's site. I felt a connection to her and I knew she would be able to help me. She contacted Snickers in the spirit world and relayed the reading to me by email. She sent me such a detailed reply that gave me the peace and comfort I desperately needed. She explained to me Snickers'transition into the spirit world. She gave me confirmation that Snickers is happy and content and surrounded by love. She saw Snickers, talked to him, relayed my loving messages to him, and gave me such a wonderful gift in relaying his loving messages to me, something I really needed to hear. Wingedwolf also gave me the gift of how to start healing myself. She could sense my feeling of sorrow and emptiness and offered such wonderful advice to help me begin the process of healing. I will be forever indebted to Wingedwolf. She has such wisdom, love, and compassion, for which I will always be grateful." Jeannette W.

We also have animal spirits that were once with us in this earthwalk and have crossed over.  These beloved friends accompany us and in their devotion many times return to us either by reincarnating into the present lifetime once again or waiting until another lifetime when the opportunity arises. 

They may come to you in a dream or through another animal.  At times you may notice that your pet seems to act differently and suddenly reminds you of your long lost friend.  At that moment, the animal spirit is returning to visit with you.  

If you would like to discover what animals are in your totem click on totem.

To communicate with a beloved 4-legged that has crossed over click on animal spirit


Here's what other's are saying about the readings:

"I have known Pam Au for several years on a casual basis as she was the mother of my nephew’s friend. It wasn’t until my cat Simone became ill with cancer in 2001 that I became aware of Pam’s ability to heal and communicate with animals. 

In the Spring of 2001 my cat Simone was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer. The options were (1) not treat her and let the cancer take its natural course, (2) put her on chemotherapy or (3) perform surgery in hopes of removing as much of the tumor as possible. My inner voice instructed me to opt for the surgery so as to give Simone a fighting chance.

The surgery was performed, but it came too late. Months after the surgery, the veterinarian discovered that the cancer had mastesized to her lymph node. At this point there was no hope and I did not want her to suffer through chemotherapy. By now it was December and Simone was getting weaker. She no longer ate, she no longer moved about. I could tell from the look on her face that she was suffering tremendously and I decided to put her down so as to end her misery.

The evening before Simone was to be put down, my nephew Scott came over and asked me if Simone was ready to die. I said I did not know as I could not communicate with her. He said that Pam communicated with animals and I called her immediately. We explained the situation to her and she arrived within an hour. I was not sure what to expect as I had never dealt with an animal communicator, however I was not skeptical as I believe that highly developed individuals have the ability to communicate with any life form.

When Pam arrived and before she could say anything, my mother who had died two months earlier pushed Pam to relay a message to us. As the message was being delivered through Pam, I knew that it was my mother by the content of the message. It was my first experience whereby I had direct communication with someone who had crossed over.

Thereafter, Pam moved towards Simone. At first Simone did not respond to Pam as she was a stranger. Pam gently and patiently took the time to allow Simone to get familiar with her. Initially it was difficult for Pam to communicate with Simone as Simone was not one to speak much.

After some time when Simone warmed up to Pam, she began feeling Simone’s energy. She identified the areas where Simone experienced the worst pain and was able to inform me as to the level of pain. I asked the questions and Pam relayed it to her. I asked if Simone understood her illness. She could not comprehend disease she was plagued with and Pam proceeded to explain it to her and presented the treatment options to her. Simone said that she did not want to go through another surgery as the last surgery was too traumatic. She did not fully understand the process of chemotherapy and the side effects. She asked for an alternative that could help cure her.

As the session continued, Simone proceeded to tell me that she had asked the universe to present me with another cat who will take care of me when she dies. I was amazed to hear this because shortly aftert Simone was diagnosed with the cancer a cat showed up at my house. It was my neighbor’s cat Tom who alerted me to the fact that there was another cat when I heard him hissing. Tom is a gentle and an old wise cat and I have never heard him hiss before. When I looked to see what Tom was hissing at, I saw a big cat standing upright trying to open the door. I was amazed at his ability to do so, but was taken aback as this cat was huge and rather “spooky” looking. I kept telling this cat to go away, to go home as I did not want another cat. The cat was adamant about staying. He would not leave and eventually became a member of the household. We named the cat Pilar.

As the session was coming to an end, I had Pam inform Simone that I was planning to put her to sleep the following day, but that if she was not ready to go, I would not go through with it. It was difficult to express this, but I wanted Simone to know that I had made this painful decision as I did not want her to suffer needlessly. When asked if she was ready to go, she said “no” because the purpose in her life was not fulfilled and she was afraid to die before doing so. When asked what that purposes was, she responded that her purpose was to teach me to communicate with animals. Hearing this, I decided not to put Simone down.

Pam recommended that Simone be put on Beta-Glucan and Spirulina to help boost her immune system. After a two week period, Simone’s strength returned and she regained her appetite. She lived another six months in which she taught me to communicate with her. Pam continued to work on Simone by alleviating Simone’s pain, but never interfering with the process. Simone lived for six months with minimal pain until the very end. She was put to sleep on Independence day.  Through Pam, I have communicated with her in the after life.

Since then I have called upon Pam to work with Tom and Pilar and to their resolve their differences. Tom and Pilar, being two males are very territorial and because of their personality differences do not get along with one another. Pilar has been and continues to bully, not just Tom but all the other animals in the neighborhood. He has a fierce sense of purpose which is to protect me. Since his arrival he has guarded me and the property and continues to do so. He is a fierce warrior keeping all other animals at bay. Through Pam’s work, Tom and Pilar have learned to share their space with one another.

Pam has helped me to confirm some of the things I sense about my furry companions, but it is through her ability to communicate with them that has helped me to fully understand them. The experience that Pam has provided me has given me a greater understanding and love for animals. She has shown me how animals see their world, how they experience the same emotions and issues that humans do. Just as human, where the past life impacts the present, so too it is for the animals."  Carla

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