Talk to the animals


 Animals communicate to us through body language, sounds and emotional energy.  By tapping into the emotional body of the animal information is received and translated.  This form of communication reveals how an animal may feel or respond to certain stimuli or individuals and assist the caregivers in offering a nurturing environment for the animals by providing for their needs.


During a communication session, the animal's identity is confirmed and your questions of concern are addressed. This can include behaviorial problems, aggressions with other animals and/or people in the household and the reasons behind it.  Messages can be sent to your pet from you.  You may be surprised to find out what your pet has to say about things


Areas of pain and discomforts can be pinpointed through a body scan. This can prove to be instrumental in the proper diagnosis of a health related problem. 


Permission to proceed with the communication must be granted by the animal.  This assures that there is no intrusion of privacy.  The information relayed is sent directly from the animal and translated.  It is helpful to have a main concern or focus for the communication.  This allows for a more precise response from the animal.  They do not think and interpret things as humans do. The clearer the intention the clearer the response.  


The communication is energetic in form. This means it is not spoken in words.  What is received is translated according to the emotional body of the animal.  


During a session, the energetic response from the animal is linked to the communicator. The communicator may experience discomfort or pain in the same area of the body the animal is experiencing it.  


Many times an animal may be experiencing pain, but have no visable signs other than unexplained aggressions.  The communication session can help to discover the reasons behind behaviorial problems such as aggression, urinating in the wrong places, chewing, etc. 




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 Here is what a few satisfied clients had to say.

"I have had the privilege and honor to know Pam Au for a little over 2 years, and I have witnessed first hand the miracles that she has been a part of in the lives of my animals. 

I initially met Pam when my first cat, Tutu, was dying of a fatal disease that she had acquired as a kitten at the humane society.  Through Pam's facilitation, Tutu and I were able to open a beautiful path of communication that was priceless.  When Tutu passed away, I had the satisfaction of knowing that Tutu knew how much she was loved and that she was going to a place with nothing but peace and love.  We could not have managed this without Pam's help. 

My second cat, Monkey, was recently diagnosed with a fatal heart murmur and was not expected to live very long after the morning that I took him to the Vet's office.  Pam was so wonderful -- she was able to come right over and do a healing on Monkey.  Pam was able to determine that Monkey had a lot of emotional issues that were affecting his health, and she helped resolve some of his past life issues and problems.  I am happy to say that my Monkey is still with me and as happy as ever.

Pam is an angel on this earth who has helped countless animals and people.  I have recommended her to a lot of my friends and coworkers, and they have all raved about the miracles she has facilitated for them and/or their pets."
Karen M.  

"Pam was introduced to me by a mutual friend who was also a client and a great supporter of Pam's gifts. My initial reaction was to be skeptical and cautious of anything that had to do with the promise of psychic communication, but just for entertainment, I made an appt. to have her read my two dogs, Pea (4 yr. old lab mix) and Nalu (3 yr.weimaraner).  What she was able to "see" from my dogs was astounding!  She told me things about the dogs--routines and daily activities--that no one else outside of the family knew.  She also gave me insight into their personalities and quirks based on past life experiences.  Pam answered a lot of questions I had regarding behavior problems and potential health issues.  I was better able to understand and "work with" my dogs as a result of her reading."    

"More incredible than her reading of my dogs, however, was her help in saving the life of  my 15 year old cat.  Indy was diagnosed with liver disease and was severely dehydrated. Given her age, her severe jaundice and loss of appetite, our vet did not give the cat a good prognosis.  She was put on several antibiotics, steroids and had to be force fed and given fluids.  Her condition rapidly deteriorated, her body became extremely emaciated and the life seemed to have left her eyes."

"Emotionally and physically drained, I called Pam to help me make the decision to put Indy down.  Truthfully, I was looking for someone to tell me it was okay to do what I dreaded doing.  I wanted to hear that the cat was suffering and that it would be the kindest thing to have her put to sleep.  Pam, however, encouraged me to hang in there.  She claimed that as sick and wasted as Indy was, she was still fighting and wanted to live.  Pam recommended that I take her off all medications and substitute holistic herbs and vitamin therapy.  I struggled with her advice,  and was nervous about eliminating all the conventional meds."

"Several times, I reconsidered putting her to sleep, but Pam always calmed me down and reminded me that Indy wasn't quitting and neither should I.   Several days of struggle later, Indy seemed to be getting stronger.  A week passed and soon she was eating a little on her own and getting up to use her litter box." 

"Today, 4 months later, her jaundice has completely disappeared, and her appetite is voracious.  She has her old personality traits and has gained much of her weight back.  I truly credit Pam for her hand (and heart!) in saving Indy's life.  She was there for encouragement, support and calming in my darkest hour.  I am so grateful that I contacted her before I made the final decision to end Indy's life."  Sandi 

"My beautiful Arab cross mare has had lots of health problems and I have spent more time in the past year worrying about her than riding. I sent to Wingedwolf for a communication with her because I wanted to know if I was giving her everything she needed. The response that came back gave me that, and so much more. Old old old patterns in my own life fell away like an easily shed snakeskin, leaving the newer patterns clearer and more vivid, ready to be worked with. I am very grateful, and find her teaching incredibly useful. I have just finished reading her book Zen and the Horse. Again, incredibly useful. I sit straight and relaxed, breathe deeply, and give thanks for this teacher who can help us to interpret the teaching of our wonderful horses and evolve ourselves."  Sarah

Animal communications are about healing.  Communications assist to heal the emotional body of the animal and the humans that care and love them.  It offers spiritual awareness and a better understanding of those special animals we share our lives with.    


The animals that are in our lives may have been with us in a past life. They are with you because they chose to be with you. They offer unconditional love and devotion regardless of the situations.   It is our duty to provide a loving environment that nurtures their well being. 


Animals participate with us not only on the physical level but as spirit also.  They can be pets that have crossed over or an animal that is one of your totem spirits.  They come to you in your dreams and assist in different circumstances where you may find yourself drawing upon their energies and talents. 


Energy balancing allows the animal to release emotional blockages and participate in their own healing.  This service benefits sick or healthy animals and their caregivers. To find out more about energy balancing click on energy.


If you have an animal you would like to communicate with click here Most animals can be contacted long distance.  The willingness of the animal to speak determines whether communication can take place.   


If you would like to find out what animal spirits are in your totem click on totem.